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Quality In Services and Equipment.

In today’s oil and gas industry, quality and service are extremely important. Xtra Energy Services has been proving that since inception. The quality of equipment, crews and customer service provided are second to none.

Xtra Energy Services provides well test solutions based on extensive experience and a full understanding of the methodologies of reservoir evaluation.

Inline Well Testing

Multi-well SIMOPS

Fracture Flow Back

Coil Completions

10K Manifolds & Pipe

Enclosed Flare Systems

1440 PSI Test Packages

Quality in Equipment

Quality in Personnel

Quality in Services

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Quality in Safety


We have a strong commitment to safety and protecting the people and property in each and every job. Our goal is to be diligent in exceeding compliance to all applicable Provincial and Federal regulations. We encourage communication and  promote employee involvement in creating our corporate safety culture.

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