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Our testing equipment has been designed and built to accomplish even the most technical job scope. We offer high pressure well test units up to 1440 PSI. We also are equipped with all the auxiliary gear required to get the job done. We also carry Anson brand 10,000 PSI manifold and pipe packages, as well as storage vessels.

Auto Fluid dumps

Turbine Fluid metering

4” Gas Metering

3” Liquid lines

10,000 PSI Manifold & Flow Line

500 PSI to 1440 PSI Test Units

Solar Powered Ignition

Electronic Temperature Controlled Igniter

Refrac Lined For Cool & Quiet Operation

Rates Up To 2 MMCF Per Single Unit.

Carry Over Containment

Dual Line Tie In

Enclosed Flare Systems

Dual Stage Chokes

Tungsten Carbide Bean Chokes

Anson Manufactured

Ergonomically Designed Pipe Racks

3” 10,000 PSI Manifold & Pipe

Ability to cut clients trucking cost

Reduces down time

No Stand By

One Direction Billing

Winch & Electric Brakes


High Pressure Well Test Units Ranging from 500 PSI - 1440 PSI and High Pressure Flow Systems

Advanced Iron For Any Job.